Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Im jus sayin"....

Hi, Im La'Rhonda and Im addicted to being opinionated. Ok sooo I have a slight idea about where this came from. THANKS ALOT MOM!!! I don't really know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. But I know its not something that I don't want to change! Im quick to say whatever comes to my mind and consequences don't really exist to me or it could be that I just don't care about them. Its something about my soul being held captive by the rim of my mouth while my tounge is begging and screaming :LET ME OUT to tell that girl that she was indeed WRONG for wearing those little shorts that clearly shows her newly-developed and unattractive cellulite, and to let that guy know that he has no chance in hell with me, or to let my friend know that he needs to get rid of his lame girlfriend (who will remain nameless) that has nothing to offer him. So you see people, being overly opinated isn't all that negative. Because at the end of the day I feel incandescently FREE and at ease!!!! Lol. I'd rather tell the truth and clear my mind, than hold a lie and have a wondering would've, could've, should've conscious. You feel me? But guys? I hope I don't seem like a total b**ch who has no self-control. Because Im really not a b**ch... I jus "lack" self-control, or thereof. LOL =)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Double the pleasure, Double the Fun!

So some of you may or may not be aware that I am twin! And unlike fashion, celebrities and college, being a twin is NOT overrrated! We get to say and do things that even bestfreinds can't do! Being in the same wound together for 9months kinda made us inseperateable! She's the single most important person in my life. Before my bestfriends, mother and boyfreind... my twin is numero uno! Our "twin(ship)" is deeper than any brother or sister relationship. And I don't care who begs to differ!

Im sooooooo blessed that God gave me another half! My life is awesome because of her!
I love her!
I love her!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Give me Liberty or give me death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will never stop being opinionated!!!! I will never become sensitive to someones emotions just because they can't handle the truth! Nor will I become a dark cloud of silence, who forces herself to say only positive things just because one isn't use to hearing the reality of things. People continuosly tell me how mean and insensitive they think I am. But thats bull! I don't go around ambushing my opinions and thoughts onto people, and I certainly don't randomly blurt out negative things just to get reactions out of people. I only speak my opinion when one gets out of place, or when someone asks me my opinion or when a person puts the spotlight on themselves (which to me implies that their asking for my opinion, lol). Nonetheless, I think that more people need to be like me (More expressive). God didnt give us tounges and lips just for sucking d**k you know? I seriously feel like our opinions and expressions are one of the few things that we have control over... And got damn it, Im gonna use them! Can I get an AMENNNNNN!!!!! :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Boy Romance Me"

Soo this isn't my usual blogging style. I never highlight people or promote company shoes, clothing or music, ect. But I felt it necessary to switch roles just this once!

My bestfriend Alexis is an upcoming fashion designer at The Art Institute of Philadelphia!!!! I have so many high hopes for her, and not just beacuse she's my bestfriend, but because she's really talented! And unlike other wann-a-be fashion designers, she actually works extremely hard and dedicates alot of time to her work (trust me I know, because she never calls me, lol). She is currently interning in New York with a fashion company named "Taya Jeans" and is working on her OWN 4 garments in 8-pieces collection called "Boy Romance Me"! (When her collection is complete I promise I'll post some pictures of it). Not only does she make clothes, she also sketches and designs her own work and models other upcoming designers clothing. It makes me feel so good to be able to be apart of her growth. And I love thats she's happy at what she's doing. And aside from all of that, she's gorgeous!!!!! So guys, be on the look out for her! She's gonna be HUGE! (She hates when I say that, but I don't care) LOL! Love you Lex! :)




Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Butt" Wait!!!!

I have a "little" butt... cute though! Pretty round at certain angles and my boyfriend likes it, lol. I used to despise how small my butt was. I never understood how I was as black as night but missed the "black" big butt factor. Most of my freinds have big butts that NEVER go without notice. "Damn girl your butt phat as shiz!" (and of course, he's tapping the guy beside him while pointing and staring with hanging bottom lips). Seems like most guys require [p]hat butts now-a-days before they even consider to talk to a girl. But is that a good thing?? What if you didn't have that [p]hat butt? Would he try to get to know you based on your personality or other physical aspects? Doubt it. You see, most guys don't give a eff about your goals, your morals, your ambitions and/or your personality. They only care about how good you can eff and how far back "it" can bounce. Pardon me?? But what happened to how "wet" it is or just simply how well you can f**k!! Lol. I mean I totally missed the memo people!! And once again, I hope people don't get the WRONG impression and assume that Im jealous of girls with [p]hat butts, or that Im "anti" [p]hat a**es. Because if the truth be told, Im grateful for my little butt and I do no wish for it to exceed pass this limit. I don't want guys staring and pointing at my body or trying to get my number just becuz my butt is sitting "right" in some jeans.

And besides.... everybody's butt is [p]hat when the "lights" go out ;)

Monday, October 5, 2009

On June 30 of this year, I wrote wat some would say was a controversial blog about my opinions and some 'facts' about sororities and fraternities. And since then, someone who I consider[ed] myself friends with, completely changed (for the worse)! Sooo he's on my school campus (and I won't say any names or wat fraternity he's in), but I will say that we do see eachother often. It used to be hugs and hello's, now its no eye contact and a fast pace high school nerd walk [which Im assuming is to avoid me]. Its funny how writing a blog can prove the point that you were trying to make in the first place. So thank you mister. You were my lab rat and my Frankienstein. Thanks for being that frat guy that I "did'nt" see. And please don't think for one second that this blog is written in vein or hostility, because it's quite the contrary. We were never that 'close' for me to be upset, and even if we were, I seriously doubt that I would lose any sleep over this transformation of yours.

Ironically enough, at the end of that June 30 blog piece, I said "If I offended any greeks or orginazations, I DON'T apologize. Because if you're offended, its probably because this refers to you.".... 'chuckles and sighs'. Well I guess this refers to the guy Im writing about now. And guess wat??? I still DON'T APOLOGIZE...

Soo my old "lab rat" is dead.... I think I need another one. Any volunteers?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Self re-assurance check

My forehead is abnormally big... my nose is too ethnic and my hair is way too course.I snore (at the the beginners satge). Im 100% African American and yet.... I have no butt. If I didn't shave I would be as hairy as big foot, I have an over bite the size of Mexico. And thats just my physical apect. I tend to lie at the wrong time and can be quite the manipulator. I over analyze the simplest things making everything more difficult than what it really is, I don't really know who I am yet, I have semi anger issues and can be too opinionated and blunt at times. But Im self-complacent with all of me!!! I love every part of my body inside and out! I don't want to evolve or change and I don't think I need to. Im so glad God made me a "hairy big-nose liar". Im La'Rhonda Yvette Swales =)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I don't want no [thug!]

Someone recently asked me, "what was my type of guy". I quickly said, "I don't have a preference....I like everyone!" And then I paused and even more quickly took back that statement. It took me apporximatley 5secs to realize the falsehood of my statement. I lied 'unconsciously' without really thinking about my "type".

I have a boyfriend... his name is Bernard. But for this piece, pretend like he doesn't exist. So I don't really have a type (at least when it comes to race). But in every other sense, such as personality ect.) I do have a prefernece in guys! Because never in a million years would I consider to have relations or be in a relationship for that matter with a "thug". Though in my youth, I did have my share of "gangsters and thugs". But I don't think that I truly knew any better. I was too caught up in the pleasures of actually being wanted by a guy, that I totally ignored their lackadaisical lifesytles and disgusting habits! I seriously look back and resent myself for those descisions.. (though there is one who surprisingly taught me a lot about myself and life in general). Buy anywho, some of you guys are probably wondering what exactly is my definition of a "thug/hood guy"?. Its a pretty complex question that I can't fully explain in writing. But I will say this; A guy who drinks/smoke marijuana (on a daily basis), who has no job, no goals and or ambitions, no care for hygiene, dread wearing wann-a-be Lil Wayne gettin money (but in reality NOT gettin money), sleep around with any and every brand of girl with no cares or worries about life or the well being of others is my most simplistic definition of a "thug". I do not wish to give the time of day to any guy who posesses ANY of these qualities. I don't consider myself to be judgemental or buji. I just have standards. Forgive me but, I don't think those standards are too much to ask, and trying to change a thug is like a size 14 trying to fit into a size 4... its NOT gonna happen. So I choose to stay away from that type. they have nothing to offer me and vice versa. I don't have a type.... but please... no thugs :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Taking back [college]

I guess you can say that this is a cliche blog topic. However, I feel it necessary to express my anxiety's and excitement about my junior year in college! Hellz yea Im excited! It seems like just yesterday I was moving into my freshmen dorm with that 'freshmen' scared look. Now Im a college junior with just one more year to go! This year I promised myself that I would really 'try' to get that college experience that everyone talks about. Due to my college being my last choice of higher education, I lacked the ability to enjoy myself and fully indulge in those awesome college years. So I feel like I've missed out. Its kind of saddening, but I plan to compensate for those defeats. My school might not be the biggest and or the richest, but it does have a historical background and a bright vibe to it that a lot of HBCU's don't have. But I think the most important thing that I've brought with me into to my junior year is the support of my wonderful boyfriend of over 2yrs. He's been sticking it out with me and our long distance relationship since my freshmen year. Its been pretty tough at times, but what long distance relationship isn't? He understands that Im a college student and he respects my decisions to affiliate myself with different orginizations and people. Grades have never really been a problem for me. Dean's list and honors are important in my household. And with a single parent home and a low income salary, with two college students and bills.... that kind of motivates me to stay focused and keep in sight what's really important. But I must say that I have an intense schedule this year, so now is the time to be more focused than EVER! Parties, hangovers, late night studying, midterms, exams, drama and a long distance relationship!!! I think I can handle it. LOL =)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dear ex- bff,

Dear bff,
Or should I say ex bff? Its hard to face the fact that we aren't what we used to be. Eight grade marked the starting point of our freindship. Never thought 6yrs later would be the end. Sure we fell apart sometimes or shared interest in different things, but we always knew our place in eachothers lives (or so I thought). An anonymous informant told me that this would happen, but I chose not to believe that you were capable of destryoying our friendship. So now I feel like a complete jacka**. My imformant was right. As honest and open as I am, I would never give people the satisfaction of telling them what you did. But you know. You kno the f***ed UP decisions you chose to make. You know that sayin, "freinds come and go?" Well let's just say I never thought that would apply to us. Im actually embarassed at the situation. I was so confident in our friendship, that I often laughed at the other friendships you built, thinking that they would never compare to ours. And now the tables have been turned. Im the joke now. I'll admitt, it was saddening at first and I questioned myself, wondering if it was me.. was I not a good listener, was I boring or too judgemental?? But after a while I realized that Im not the one to blame, I did my part. I didnt choose this, you did! So with that being said, Im not mad... Im mad as HELL! But I'll surpass this.

ure ex-bestfriend : )

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Before I began to share my thoughts on homosexuality, I would like to start off by stating that, I am 126% heterosexual! And there's nothing I enjoy more than the sight of a bare chested, masculine hard PENIS man! To those of you who are homosexual, I apologize for having NO interest in your choice of lifestyle. However, I am "pro" homosexuality and I support all endaveours reagarding its present and future battles against the "anti-gay bashers and biased haters!" I am probably one of the most non judgemental person one will ever come across. I figured: Who am I to cast judgment upon someone when I have my own share of f***ed UP values and morals?! Not to mention that I've broken 8 out of 10 of God's Ten Commandments? I am not validated to look at homosexuality as wrong or repugnant, nor do I feel the need to bash it just because I choose to live differently. I support the gay community because few people seem to realize that they are regular people who share the same got damn planet as the heterosexual community. And sooo that cliche' question still remains: Why should it matter who a person chooses to love or share interest in? Everybody wants to be happy and fufilled right? And if that includes licking or sucking the same sex vagina or cock, then WTF! I estimate that about 70% of the world's population are not realist. Which leaves only 30% (including me) to do all the rationalizing. And this would entail, coming to the realization that we dont live in a f***ing "Utopia" world full of sunshine and rose pedals! We live in a overpopulated, diverse, socially biased and screwed UP world where there are over 10,000 different religions and over a billion different perceptions. How in the hell do people expect others to always agree with their way of thinking and living? Its a simple question really. Its just something people don't fully take into consideration before judging someone elses personal preference. I don't expect everyone to support the gay community and I understand that there are some dickHEADED homophobics that thinks that getting too close to a homosexual person will ultimatley spread a non curable "gay" disease causing everyone to be "gay", that will soon become a pandemic around the world and then everyone will go to hell!!!!! Oh nooo!!! Hahahahahaha!! And so the ending goes as such: I welcome gays with open arms and I encourage them to dismiss the negativity and indulge in HOT sex.... with the opposite sex!... Just like these guys down here!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lets Talk About Sex Baby!

So when it comes to sex, a lot of people are secretive and/or awkward about conversing about it. But why? Sex isn't something that a person should feel embarassed about. Its a natural and common form of bodily communication between two people (or more, lol). And it seems as if oral sex is an even more secretive and oblivious topic than sex! Giving or recieving oral sex is very natural and probably even more common than sex. But so many people choose not to discuss it, Im assuming beacause of its nature and its known stereotypical standards that comes along with admitting that you do it (i.e people would think you're a whore). But people would'nt have to worry about others judging them, if they surrounded themselves with "mature" and excepting peers who fully understands the fundamentals and noramlity of oral sex. I feel like its something that people should be able to laugh about, share and relate to, whether it be about oral sex, tpes of positions or just neighborly advice. Sex in general is a beautiful give and take body stimulation that everyone should partake in (now or after marriage, lol). Nevertheless, Im not sayin that a person should be too open, and outrageously blurt out that they give head! Lol however, I do think that people should lighten UP with the whole sex thing. I strongly suggest that people wake UP and realize that its 2009! And after reading this blog, Im sure people will gather their own "personal" opinions and perceptions about me, assuming that I suck cock or that Im too in touch with my sex life, lol. Can someone ask me if I care???? =)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Dear God,

Dear God,

Im really a good girl. And more than anybody you know that. I know I've been enjoying the hype a litle too much and exploring too many unGodly surfaces. Fornication, drinking, lying and disobedience, I mean the list goes on! I don't even know how to begin to say Im sorry. And I wonder why my life is so screwed up sometimes, and then I look back at my careless ways and shake my head in ownership. This letter is to you, confessing and asking for forgiveness. Now I know this isn't much, but in due time I promise to pay my debt in full! I used to take the time to thank you for every inch of my well being and fortunes. But now I barely acknowledge your existence. God I hope that you continue to grant me serenity and life, even in my ungrateful state. I know you're probably thinking that Im doing all this just because you know Im in desperate need of financial help, but thats not "entirely" true. I just thought that I should publicly put myself out there for the world and "you" to see that Im not just some uncontrollable tyrant or miscreant who dosen't appreciate her creator.
Because that is false. But you are God, so Im sure you already know this -smile-. So, I don't wanna take up all your time, I know you're a busy man. I jus wanted to show you some love, and ask for your forgiveness now... and in the future.
Love always,
Your daughter :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sororities and Fraternties

Fraternities and sororities have gone completely astray and OFF track from their REAL meanings and purposes! I've been observing and analyzing these orginazations
for some time now, and I have come to the conclusion that, majority of the people who pledge, do it for either attention or popularity. Due to my observations, I refuse to indulge myself in any sorority until after I graduate from college. I can't and I won't be associated with such a disstorted organization, who has lost their real values and forgotten their real purpose.
It pisses me OFF how much I see greek organizations silently beg for attention, just because their rocking greek periphanilia! And not to mention those lame guys who were virtually invisible to girls, and now they think their God's gift to earth because they've crossed! Lol, ha! And it seems like a lot of greeks think they can get away with anything and get with anyone. Well, news flash... that greek swag does not fly by me! I regret to inform you, that I absoultley despise the greek life, and Im content with being La'Rhonda Yvette' Swales and not La'Rhonda the "soro".
And not only does the greek life take away people's humbleness, but as well as their individuality. No matter what anyone says, once you cross, so does your indivudality. The brotherhood and sisterhood of greeks seems like something they "teach" you when you're pledging. But after its all said and done, that seems like just another written rule that goes unfollowed. If I offended any greeks or orginazations, I DON'T apologize. Because if you're offended, its probably because this refers to you. Chances are, no one will agree with my way of thinking, probably too afraid of what "they" might think or "do". But not me. I'll happily be your silent voice. Photobucket

Friday, June 26, 2009

His mistake our loss

So everybody knows that Michael Jackson was the single most popular entertainer/Pop artist in the entire universe (and a personal favorite of mines). His death is an unfortunate situation that people need to come to the realization of. Though Im sad, I will not dramatically mourn his passing as others are. How can I when he "allegedly" took his own life by overdosing on meds??? (hopefully not intentionally). If he was murdered by an axe killer, or in a freak accident (i.e Alliyah), then maybe the depths of my pain would be deeper. But I can not feel sorrow for "his" undeniable mishap. And in that mishap, he paid a great price. I apologize to those of you who are offended by my thoughts, but this is my blog. However, please don't question or mistake my lack of sympathy as inhumane. Im extremely sensitive towards death, just not in this case. With that being said, I will forever remember him as a legendary perfomer and a sensational singer who made a tragic mistake.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fashion Killer


Just call me the, "Fashion Killer". I detest it, can't stand it! I despise it, wanna kill it! I have no idea what fashion is, nor am I interested in finding out.
Is it wearing this seasons new Jimmy Choo's? Or yearning for that new Betsey Johnson purse? People spend so much time worrying about what's in and what's out, when they should really be focusing on what they like. I hate people that try hard, because in the end... it gets them nowhere! I find it hillarious how people follow the latest "trends"... that just shows me how non creative people really are. I wear what I want, no matter how inexpensive or thrifty it may be. And at the end of the day, I applaud myself for looking nice and killing fashion while doing so!