Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dear ex- bff,

Dear bff,
Or should I say ex bff? Its hard to face the fact that we aren't what we used to be. Eight grade marked the starting point of our freindship. Never thought 6yrs later would be the end. Sure we fell apart sometimes or shared interest in different things, but we always knew our place in eachothers lives (or so I thought). An anonymous informant told me that this would happen, but I chose not to believe that you were capable of destryoying our friendship. So now I feel like a complete jacka**. My imformant was right. As honest and open as I am, I would never give people the satisfaction of telling them what you did. But you know. You kno the f***ed UP decisions you chose to make. You know that sayin, "freinds come and go?" Well let's just say I never thought that would apply to us. Im actually embarassed at the situation. I was so confident in our friendship, that I often laughed at the other friendships you built, thinking that they would never compare to ours. And now the tables have been turned. Im the joke now. I'll admitt, it was saddening at first and I questioned myself, wondering if it was me.. was I not a good listener, was I boring or too judgemental?? But after a while I realized that Im not the one to blame, I did my part. I didnt choose this, you did! So with that being said, Im not mad... Im mad as HELL! But I'll surpass this.

ure ex-bestfriend : )


  1. ok now u got to tell me what she did

  2. lol who u talkn bout?? ne way your post brings back memories...and i was in a similar situation somewhat...urs sounds worse though!lol

    In my situation i felt like that person hid feelings from me or like i was on a different page then that person and didnt even realize it..or the person somewhat wasn't 100 with me and i was totally blindsided by it at one i can understand how u feel about u thought ya'll would be close for a long time but GUESS NOT and the part about you did your part..

    you shouldnt of blamed yourself cus even though u had that annonymous informant you should believe ur bestfriend over them cus u never i think u did the right thing but you live and you learn and you might be cool again or not but its best to move on and not dwell on the past..

  3. everyone goes tht perios of losing a close frined--but it prepares you to never make the same mistakes again.,or at least--to expect "the end"--even when its only "the beginning"..,