Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fashion Killer


Just call me the, "Fashion Killer". I detest it, can't stand it! I despise it, wanna kill it! I have no idea what fashion is, nor am I interested in finding out.
Is it wearing this seasons new Jimmy Choo's? Or yearning for that new Betsey Johnson purse? People spend so much time worrying about what's in and what's out, when they should really be focusing on what they like. I hate people that try hard, because in the end... it gets them nowhere! I find it hillarious how people follow the latest "trends"... that just shows me how non creative people really are. I wear what I want, no matter how inexpensive or thrifty it may be. And at the end of the day, I applaud myself for looking nice and killing fashion while doing so!


  1. i love this! i feel the same way.. i wake up and wear the first thing i see basically... and if i like it, i will wear it and love the outfit i subconsciously picked.. people always are too wrapped around whats in and not about whats in, in your own perspective.. people would look so much better if they just wore what they liked and kill what fashion perspective they have..

  2. Yes!! Im glad u like it... and can relate to it. LOL! The fashion Killer officially has a helper!

  3. I agree with you a 110% about Fashion. People should def worry about what they like and most of the time if one does the outcome will be a "good look." When you dont try so hard and just wear it or whatever you feel good in the end..I kno i do! I would never buy something for the label but for the simple fact that I like the way it looks on me or how i feel at the time. I do admit that because my mind is a little off that I do look for new IDEAS through fashion magazines but as far as buying the actual clothing absolutely NOT!! All those designer clothes are too over priced..especially purses and shoes. Thats why going to the thrift store is like pulling out of the "Barney bag" its the creativity that makes you..you..

    For example,girls might think that all the clothes from the movie "Sex andthe City" are thousands of dollars but not really. The costume designer, Patricia Fields, explained how she uses old clothes from markets and Thrift stores and put it with the new items but they still end up looking "expensive" and you would never know how much it cost. Thats why I really love that movie because Carrie always looked nice and wore stuff that she thought were great; thrifty or not.. and thats how we should all do..soo FUCK FASHION!!

    That is how I will always be..so I applaud you DARling!! so crazy how my response is longer than your post lol

  4. LOL hahahaha! Its cool. I love feedback (especially when people agree with me, lol)
    And I agree with everything u said, and u actually shared some new and interesting facts with me. (the Sex andthe City thing, wow!)Did'nt kno that! Love ya Jazz! Appreciate the feedback!

  5. i absolutely adore this post... Its all abotu the DIYs lol