Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"No No's'" For Straight Males

There are no written rules that entails what a straight guy should and shouldn't say, or do. However, the way I see it, some things are just not meant to be said or done by straight males. So here are MY top "No, No's" that a straight guy shouldn't be caught dead saying or doing.

1. After a certain age, no guy should call their fathers, "daddy".
2. No guy should write, text, or tweet smiley faces to any other guy, under ANY circumstances.
3. If it's drizzling, a guy should not carry an umbrella.
4. No guy should call another guy after 9p.m. (unless its urgent. And I mean really urgent).
5. Guys shouldn't "love" to go shopping.
6. It's not ok for a guy to say, or write the word "hey" with more than three y's. (I.e "heyyyyyyyy").
7. A dude should never prefer cuddling over sex.