Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Before I began to share my thoughts on homosexuality, I would like to start off by stating that, I am 126% heterosexual! And there's nothing I enjoy more than the sight of a bare chested, masculine hard PENIS man! To those of you who are homosexual, I apologize for having NO interest in your choice of lifestyle. However, I am "pro" homosexuality and I support all endaveours reagarding its present and future battles against the "anti-gay bashers and biased haters!" I am probably one of the most non judgemental person one will ever come across. I figured: Who am I to cast judgment upon someone when I have my own share of f***ed UP values and morals?! Not to mention that I've broken 8 out of 10 of God's Ten Commandments? I am not validated to look at homosexuality as wrong or repugnant, nor do I feel the need to bash it just because I choose to live differently. I support the gay community because few people seem to realize that they are regular people who share the same got damn planet as the heterosexual community. And sooo that cliche' question still remains: Why should it matter who a person chooses to love or share interest in? Everybody wants to be happy and fufilled right? And if that includes licking or sucking the same sex vagina or cock, then WTF! I estimate that about 70% of the world's population are not realist. Which leaves only 30% (including me) to do all the rationalizing. And this would entail, coming to the realization that we dont live in a f***ing "Utopia" world full of sunshine and rose pedals! We live in a overpopulated, diverse, socially biased and screwed UP world where there are over 10,000 different religions and over a billion different perceptions. How in the hell do people expect others to always agree with their way of thinking and living? Its a simple question really. Its just something people don't fully take into consideration before judging someone elses personal preference. I don't expect everyone to support the gay community and I understand that there are some dickHEADED homophobics that thinks that getting too close to a homosexual person will ultimatley spread a non curable "gay" disease causing everyone to be "gay", that will soon become a pandemic around the world and then everyone will go to hell!!!!! Oh nooo!!! Hahahahahaha!! And so the ending goes as such: I welcome gays with open arms and I encourage them to dismiss the negativity and indulge in HOT sex.... with the opposite sex!... Just like these guys down here!

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