Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Give me Liberty or give me death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will never stop being opinionated!!!! I will never become sensitive to someones emotions just because they can't handle the truth! Nor will I become a dark cloud of silence, who forces herself to say only positive things just because one isn't use to hearing the reality of things. People continuosly tell me how mean and insensitive they think I am. But thats bull! I don't go around ambushing my opinions and thoughts onto people, and I certainly don't randomly blurt out negative things just to get reactions out of people. I only speak my opinion when one gets out of place, or when someone asks me my opinion or when a person puts the spotlight on themselves (which to me implies that their asking for my opinion, lol). Nonetheless, I think that more people need to be like me (More expressive). God didnt give us tounges and lips just for sucking d**k you know? I seriously feel like our opinions and expressions are one of the few things that we have control over... And got damn it, Im gonna use them! Can I get an AMENNNNNN!!!!! :)

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