Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dear dad,

haven't seen you in years....... better yet my whole life. But not once have I cried or blamed myself for your absence. Never been the weak minded insecure girl saddened by the rejection of her own dad. And I never will (I guess I got that trait from my mom). But I do however often think about your reasons for abondoning your two twin daughters at the age of 2. I actually laugh out loud sometimes at the lack of courage your punka** had to take care of your responsibliites. I laugh even harder when I think about how successful Im going to be, and how you will never have the chance to be a part of that. Ha! (knee slapper)! Shame on you. I think it would only be fair to let you know that you missed out on 21years of pure greatness! My sis and I are doing well thanks to you. Your self dismissal from our lives, turned out to be the best thing that you could have ever done for us. So I guess this is the part where I say thank you?? But I would'nt give you the satisfaction of that. So here's a quiet head nod and FOUR middle fingers UP! Two from me and two from my sister!

daddy's little girl