Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sororities and Fraternties

Fraternities and sororities have gone completely astray and OFF track from their REAL meanings and purposes! I've been observing and analyzing these orginazations
for some time now, and I have come to the conclusion that, majority of the people who pledge, do it for either attention or popularity. Due to my observations, I refuse to indulge myself in any sorority until after I graduate from college. I can't and I won't be associated with such a disstorted organization, who has lost their real values and forgotten their real purpose.
It pisses me OFF how much I see greek organizations silently beg for attention, just because their rocking greek periphanilia! And not to mention those lame guys who were virtually invisible to girls, and now they think their God's gift to earth because they've crossed! Lol, ha! And it seems like a lot of greeks think they can get away with anything and get with anyone. Well, news flash... that greek swag does not fly by me! I regret to inform you, that I absoultley despise the greek life, and Im content with being La'Rhonda Yvette' Swales and not La'Rhonda the "soro".
And not only does the greek life take away people's humbleness, but as well as their individuality. No matter what anyone says, once you cross, so does your indivudality. The brotherhood and sisterhood of greeks seems like something they "teach" you when you're pledging. But after its all said and done, that seems like just another written rule that goes unfollowed. If I offended any greeks or orginazations, I DON'T apologize. Because if you're offended, its probably because this refers to you. Chances are, no one will agree with my way of thinking, probably too afraid of what "they" might think or "do". But not me. I'll happily be your silent voice. Photobucket


  1. i completely agree... this is why i have decided not to pledge. I have witness too many of my friends transform into completely different ppl, its terrible..

  2. lol--i completely FORBID any of my friends from pledgingg--i cnt stand it.,its like brainwashing on a nat'l. level.,the entire system of "sister/brother-hood"--&abandoning evryone else tht isnt part of their little circle--i hate it.,