Friday, June 26, 2009

His mistake our loss

So everybody knows that Michael Jackson was the single most popular entertainer/Pop artist in the entire universe (and a personal favorite of mines). His death is an unfortunate situation that people need to come to the realization of. Though Im sad, I will not dramatically mourn his passing as others are. How can I when he "allegedly" took his own life by overdosing on meds??? (hopefully not intentionally). If he was murdered by an axe killer, or in a freak accident (i.e Alliyah), then maybe the depths of my pain would be deeper. But I can not feel sorrow for "his" undeniable mishap. And in that mishap, he paid a great price. I apologize to those of you who are offended by my thoughts, but this is my blog. However, please don't question or mistake my lack of sympathy as inhumane. Im extremely sensitive towards death, just not in this case. With that being said, I will forever remember him as a legendary perfomer and a sensational singer who made a tragic mistake.


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  3. At this moment (it is still a pending investigation), it has been said that his doctor accidently administered too much of his daily medicine ( i forget the name of it) to him. He did not do it to his self. So u can't really rule his death as a suicide.