Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Butt" Wait!!!!

I have a "little" butt... cute though! Pretty round at certain angles and my boyfriend likes it, lol. I used to despise how small my butt was. I never understood how I was as black as night but missed the "black" big butt factor. Most of my freinds have big butts that NEVER go without notice. "Damn girl your butt phat as shiz!" (and of course, he's tapping the guy beside him while pointing and staring with hanging bottom lips). Seems like most guys require [p]hat butts now-a-days before they even consider to talk to a girl. But is that a good thing?? What if you didn't have that [p]hat butt? Would he try to get to know you based on your personality or other physical aspects? Doubt it. You see, most guys don't give a eff about your goals, your morals, your ambitions and/or your personality. They only care about how good you can eff and how far back "it" can bounce. Pardon me?? But what happened to how "wet" it is or just simply how well you can f**k!! Lol. I mean I totally missed the memo people!! And once again, I hope people don't get the WRONG impression and assume that Im jealous of girls with [p]hat butts, or that Im "anti" [p]hat a**es. Because if the truth be told, Im grateful for my little butt and I do no wish for it to exceed pass this limit. I don't want guys staring and pointing at my body or trying to get my number just becuz my butt is sitting "right" in some jeans.

And besides.... everybody's butt is [p]hat when the "lights" go out ;)


  1. lmao this post is funny..and I can totally agree.I use to feel the same way about my y couldnt I take after my mom(Ms. Big booty Judy)but I appreciate it now. I still work out cus im slowly gaining weight and its getting a little cellulitish(my own word).
    I rather get attention for my entire figure than just my ass cus then i would simply be like every other bitch out here wit a phat ass.. & ALL THAT NIGGA WANT TO DO IS FUCK!! Sometimes it depends on a person preference too!

    Also, most girls think cus they got a phat ass they can get shyt from niggas for free..and this is true...and def. a plus but its no diff from a girl with a pretty face or a nice personailty(it knowing how to use it) & to be honest I think thats the only reason to really flaunt it.Too much can =ATTENTION WHORE!
    I rather get comments like "you are beautiful" "you got some sexy lips" or "you should be a model" or "you look exotic" ya kno. AND the funny thing is, even if i tell them im not single they still have some sense of respect for me or half of the time they just want to compliment and move along.

    In conclusion, I might not have a phat ass..but a bitch got that Aquafina flow!!

  2. fat asses are painful anyways. try running w/ one. it's like running w/o a bra! OUCH!