Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Butt" Wait!!!!

I have a "little" butt... cute though! Pretty round at certain angles and my boyfriend likes it, lol. I used to despise how small my butt was. I never understood how I was as black as night but missed the "black" big butt factor. Most of my freinds have big butts that NEVER go without notice. "Damn girl your butt phat as shiz!" (and of course, he's tapping the guy beside him while pointing and staring with hanging bottom lips). Seems like most guys require [p]hat butts now-a-days before they even consider to talk to a girl. But is that a good thing?? What if you didn't have that [p]hat butt? Would he try to get to know you based on your personality or other physical aspects? Doubt it. You see, most guys don't give a eff about your goals, your morals, your ambitions and/or your personality. They only care about how good you can eff and how far back "it" can bounce. Pardon me?? But what happened to how "wet" it is or just simply how well you can f**k!! Lol. I mean I totally missed the memo people!! And once again, I hope people don't get the WRONG impression and assume that Im jealous of girls with [p]hat butts, or that Im "anti" [p]hat a**es. Because if the truth be told, Im grateful for my little butt and I do no wish for it to exceed pass this limit. I don't want guys staring and pointing at my body or trying to get my number just becuz my butt is sitting "right" in some jeans.

And besides.... everybody's butt is [p]hat when the "lights" go out ;)

Monday, October 5, 2009

On June 30 of this year, I wrote wat some would say was a controversial blog about my opinions and some 'facts' about sororities and fraternities. And since then, someone who I consider[ed] myself friends with, completely changed (for the worse)! Sooo he's on my school campus (and I won't say any names or wat fraternity he's in), but I will say that we do see eachother often. It used to be hugs and hello's, now its no eye contact and a fast pace high school nerd walk [which Im assuming is to avoid me]. Its funny how writing a blog can prove the point that you were trying to make in the first place. So thank you mister. You were my lab rat and my Frankienstein. Thanks for being that frat guy that I "did'nt" see. And please don't think for one second that this blog is written in vein or hostility, because it's quite the contrary. We were never that 'close' for me to be upset, and even if we were, I seriously doubt that I would lose any sleep over this transformation of yours.

Ironically enough, at the end of that June 30 blog piece, I said "If I offended any greeks or orginazations, I DON'T apologize. Because if you're offended, its probably because this refers to you.".... 'chuckles and sighs'. Well I guess this refers to the guy Im writing about now. And guess wat??? I still DON'T APOLOGIZE...

Soo my old "lab rat" is dead.... I think I need another one. Any volunteers?