Thursday, August 27, 2009

Taking back [college]

I guess you can say that this is a cliche blog topic. However, I feel it necessary to express my anxiety's and excitement about my junior year in college! Hellz yea Im excited! It seems like just yesterday I was moving into my freshmen dorm with that 'freshmen' scared look. Now Im a college junior with just one more year to go! This year I promised myself that I would really 'try' to get that college experience that everyone talks about. Due to my college being my last choice of higher education, I lacked the ability to enjoy myself and fully indulge in those awesome college years. So I feel like I've missed out. Its kind of saddening, but I plan to compensate for those defeats. My school might not be the biggest and or the richest, but it does have a historical background and a bright vibe to it that a lot of HBCU's don't have. But I think the most important thing that I've brought with me into to my junior year is the support of my wonderful boyfriend of over 2yrs. He's been sticking it out with me and our long distance relationship since my freshmen year. Its been pretty tough at times, but what long distance relationship isn't? He understands that Im a college student and he respects my decisions to affiliate myself with different orginizations and people. Grades have never really been a problem for me. Dean's list and honors are important in my household. And with a single parent home and a low income salary, with two college students and bills.... that kind of motivates me to stay focused and keep in sight what's really important. But I must say that I have an intense schedule this year, so now is the time to be more focused than EVER! Parties, hangovers, late night studying, midterms, exams, drama and a long distance relationship!!! I think I can handle it. LOL =)

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