Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lets Talk About Sex Baby!

So when it comes to sex, a lot of people are secretive and/or awkward about conversing about it. But why? Sex isn't something that a person should feel embarassed about. Its a natural and common form of bodily communication between two people (or more, lol). And it seems as if oral sex is an even more secretive and oblivious topic than sex! Giving or recieving oral sex is very natural and probably even more common than sex. But so many people choose not to discuss it, Im assuming beacause of its nature and its known stereotypical standards that comes along with admitting that you do it (i.e people would think you're a whore). But people would'nt have to worry about others judging them, if they surrounded themselves with "mature" and excepting peers who fully understands the fundamentals and noramlity of oral sex. I feel like its something that people should be able to laugh about, share and relate to, whether it be about oral sex, tpes of positions or just neighborly advice. Sex in general is a beautiful give and take body stimulation that everyone should partake in (now or after marriage, lol). Nevertheless, Im not sayin that a person should be too open, and outrageously blurt out that they give head! Lol however, I do think that people should lighten UP with the whole sex thing. I strongly suggest that people wake UP and realize that its 2009! And after reading this blog, Im sure people will gather their own "personal" opinions and perceptions about me, assuming that I suck cock or that Im too in touch with my sex life, lol. Can someone ask me if I care???? =)


  1. do you care?lol i doubt it! i am agree fully.. there is nothing wrong with lickin a vag everynow and then.. it is normal and it stimulates both partners.. sex in all forms is beautiful

  2. See... thats why we're freinds! LOL

  3. Yes i love sex and everything about it lol

    I have been with my other half for sometime now and I do just about anything with him cus Im comfortable and like i said I LOVE SEX!! it keeps you from not goin crazy sometimes..my boss can sure use some!

    BUT i get what u mean about expressing it with others about oral sex because some people sware up and down like "UGH I will NEVER do that" like huh??? y not? especially if you got a man that LOVES eating it..whoo lawd thats a blessing..lol and is gREAT at it!!!!

    Now on the otherhand..dont go giving it to someone that you barely know or been having sex with because then he going think you just nasty. My opinion is, you have to look at it in a mans point of view: If I just met her and she giving me the head then she must of did that to dude(s) before right? So thats how he going carry it but IF you have a mutual agreement or its been awhile then give up the mouth geez lol

  4. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!
    OMG Jaz! See?? This is why we get along sooo well! Ure so expressive and I love that!!!
    Im glad u agree with me, and Im happy that ure boyfriend is taking care of his business!