Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fashion Killer (Part II)

I hate fashion, I just like to look nice..... quoted by -Yours truly.
I live by this quote everyday and will never neglect it! I hate everything that fashion has surfaced to be! To me, fashion has become an overrated, follow the leader, often non-original and trying too hard to be someone you're not type of gesture. Feel free to differ. But I must say that wearing the latest brands and tryin to look good for others is foolish and irrelevant. And then there's the part where one must define wat being fashionable includes? Because most of the people who think they're "fashionistas" have convinced themeselves of such. (And self inclusion dosent count)! It seems as if fashion has become an infested fad and I don't want to be part of it! Everyone thinks that because they own a Bettysville bag, a pair of Ray Bans and shop at vintage thrift stores they're fashionistas! NEWS FLASH.... it makes you non-original and jus like everyone else! But me, I like to look nice, I could careless about what's in or out, new or old, cheap or expensive....... F**k fashion, Im a killer! , a fashion killer! And you fake fashionistas, have just been SERVED!

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  1. exactly. you won't see anyone's name across my chest except for mine of my bf's. i am no one's billboard. off with "fashion" head!!