Thursday, March 18, 2010

START Snitching!

So we all heard of the saying, "Snitches get stitches".... but do they really?

I thought the snitching phase had died down, but apparently not. Because recently I've been hearing it all over again. And to be honest, I get sick to my stomach when I hear people say that! Why would someone want to save or protect a criminal who has harmed or killed someone!? Why should a murderer or someone who will harm again be allowed to? I mean someone help me out here! Lets say the victim was your best friend, mother or your child. Would'nt you want someone to come forward?

And it seems like the whole 'snitching' deal is most popular in 'urban' neighborhoods. Why is that? Is it some type of 'hood code of conduct'? And if so why? Snitching dosent make you any less of a man, if anything it makes you a better one. Its one thing to lack class or respect, but its another thing to lack human descency.

And then there's this 'get stitches' ordeal. People have this crazy conotation that if they snitch, they're gonna die! Like really? Hop off of that excuse. The chances of someome killing you are slim to none! And Remaining anonymous is always optional. And besides, I'd rather die doing the right thing, than live with doing the wrong thing. Its a conscious that no one should want to befriend. Im a advocate for 'snitchig' and if need be, or God forbid, one day I have to.... then so be it! It would'nt take the interegation of a cop or the tears of a broken family for me to come forward.

Maybe the word 'snitch' is the problem. Is "saving a life" ok? Or what about "helping a family"? Does that sound better?

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