Thursday, January 21, 2010


Its 2:30am in the morning and Im watching Jerry Springer. A commercial comes on advertising online dating for singles. Now thats not the crazy part. I mean thats pretty normal. But what wasnt ok was the name and the intended audience! "Black People!" Are you kidding me! So I jumped out of my bed angry and mad as hell! How dare black people complain about how racism still exists when they're the ones keeping the existence alive? And its crazy how the advertisers weren't even discrete with it! The commercial said the word "black" 100 times and only had black people in the advertisment, and if that wasn't enough, the name "Black People Meet" put the cherry on top of the cake! Black people really messed up this time. I wonder how many whites are looking at this website as an escapegoat to make a new website entitled "For whites". And as soon as that happens, black people will be crossed and enraged. Im an African American and even I can see the double standard between this racism thing. Its really sickeneing to see my own people yell racsism when they're the main ones being the racist. The website needs to be abolished or redone and retitled. It seems like African Americans feel as though they can do or say anything negative towards or about whites just because of our past. And thats totally wrong! Racism is Racism whether its white to black, vice versa or vice race. I mean c'mon, when are black people gonna meet reality?

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  1. girl do you remember blackplannet? and everybody got mad when tom made mypace. ummmm MYSPACE not blackspace, or whitespace. everybody space. yea, you mad, because equality knocked out the competition.