Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Modern Day Baby Boomers"

"Babies are blessings no matter how they get here" (or so they say). However this new modern day baby booming era is spreading rapidly! Every which way I look, a friend, or a friend of a friend is pregnant or have already conceived. Like Im so sick and tired of seeing Facebook pictures of pregnant girls taking mirror flicks of their stomachs and loser "baby fathers". I feel like I've missed the "have a baby or you're not cool memo"!

And I choose to be "uncool" anyyyyydayyyyy!

Its saddening and annoying to see young ladies and young gents having babies when they're still learning lives responsibilities. And not to mention the small ratio of youth that are in college and are having babies [now], which most of the times leads them to becoming college drop-outs. I hate to be the barrier of bad news, but once you have a baby at a young age, its practically over. (Your youth that is). Fun in the sun with friends, partying, shopping and acting like a normal teen is all over, because of that unconscious spear of the moment act. Not only are young parents robbing themselves from their youth, but they're robbing their babies chances at having a good life. Because lets face it, 9 times out of 10, money will be scarce. And are you guys really ok with saying, "this is my baby father/ baby mother?" Like does that really sound catchy???? Its sounds ridiculous and non honorable to me. Especially when you all are no longer boyfriend or girlfriend, or in some cases you guys never were to begin with. I don't know if girls are trying to prove something or if they think that having a kid at a young age is just the "in" thing, but Im here to tell you foolish girls that its not cool nor cute. So for the "few" girls who aren't pregnant "yet", please be wise and don't fall into this crazed pregnant trap.

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  1. Some things in this blogpost you said were very true but some things you also said were wrong. I am a babyboomer as you would call it and I havent robbed myself of my youth I still shop, I still hangout with friends, I dont say my child cant have something because money is scarce, I dont refer to my childs father as my babyfather. Point Im trying to make is that once you decide to be a parent you have to be doing it for the right reasons with a plan in motion. Not to save a gf/bf not to be cool cause all your friends have one. Im not mad at any of the things you said because you are entitled to your opinion but until you have experienced this at this age you cant truly say what were robbing our selves of. I've never been prouder of the decision I made because I did it with the intent to stand up for what I believe in and because I and her father had the means to provide. There are young people who dont think about the child in their decision just what they do or dont wanna be responisible for and thats partly why its a wrong reason. Yes my life would be different without her and thats like any other decision like it would be different if I walked down the street right now. Some of these young mothers and fathers who dont have clar intentions or plans do make a bad name for the young parent who are still successful and happy and doing more than making it. Not all babyboomers have it bad but yet its all about the decision you make and te plan you carry out with it. - I do like that you voiced your opinion xoxo- Clarice